The Beards

What Women Think

I didn’t start the film as a fan or foe of beards – it was more of […]

Religious Beards

Beards have played a part in religion for centuries. They have factored into practice and tradition in […]

Beards and Puberty

Coming from a family of three girls and now having three nephews, I was suddenly aware of […]

Global Beards

In Latin America, India, China, and parts of the Middle East beards and mustaches have been traditional […]

Beards in History

Many historical figures held strong opinions about the value of facial hair. From the pharaohs, who adorned […]

Manly Beards

For centuries, men have worn facial hair. Beards have been associated with virility, power, and strength. But […]
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Visiting men in their various domains, from pubs to barbershops, filmmaker Laura J. Lukitsch opens a window into the way men think about relationships, work, religion, and identity.
Watch the Film

Watch the Film

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BEARD CLUB the DVD is packed with LOADS OF EXTRAS, including shorts “Hipsters and the ‘Stache,” “Arab in America,” “Life in Drag,” “What Women Think.”  Also includes additional footage from the world of beard and mustache competitions!

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Beard Club is an absolute gem of a film. It brings up serious issues of male identity from a woman’s perspective in an appropriately irreverent way. Two thumbs up and a whisker.

John Odam, Founder of Beardsley and Company

Director’s Statement


My interest in different cultures started at a young age. I moved to Japan during college and lived in India where I did my master’s degree. But it was back in the U.S. when I ran across a group of Germans on their way to a Beard Competition, that it occurred to me that men were more of a mystery to me as people from another country.

With that realization I set out to make this film. I found that the simple act of asking about a man’s facial hair history opens a window into men’s way of thinking about themselves and the world. And these answered showed there were deeper social issues reflected in the way society viewed the beard.

Beard Club explores the common beard, something we often we see but don’t really see. It is a fun, thought provoking hour-long journey that will change the way to you look at beards and mustaches and the men who wear them.

– Laura J. Lukitsch

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